Shopping Behavior of Indian Mobile Phone Buyers | When, What, How |


India Phone Buy

Image Source: Economic Times

Everyone loves to shop online these days, well almost! This data revealed by InMobi shares some insights on how the Indian online shopper behaves while buying a mobile phone.

  1. When we like to buy

35% of the online mobile shopping happens on the weekend – Saturday & Sunday. Also, in terms of time of day, purchases tend to peak during the night – between 10:00 PM & midnight.


  1. How much we like to browse

The typical Indian shopper browses a 100 phones before buying one phone. The purchase funnel tapers by a factor 10 across the three stages:

  • Discovery: 100 phones browsed
  • Intent: 10 phones in consideration set (added to cart)
  • Purchase: 1 phone purchased


  1. Do we like to be sure

The average Indian shopper revisits the product options once again, right before the purchase is made. Guess we like to doubly sure before we hit that ‘Buy’ button. The repeat product view is the final motivation to buy.

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