Global Race for Nuclear Weapons | Pakistan beats India by a few


If you were ever wondering that India or Pakistan were carrying notoriously high number of nuclear weapons, think again. This graphic published by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) will clear your misconceptions on the arsenals of nuclear weapons. The traditional Cold War rivals, United States & Russia, have amassed a frantic number of nuclear warheads between World War II & the turn of the 21st Century – when the communist bloc collapsed.

Nuclear Warheads Report

Source: SIPRI


Progress on Nuclear Disarmament

That said, the two traditional superpowers have been on a massive nuclear disarmament spree for the last decade. Reducing their nuclear arsenals to almost 50% of where they were at the turn of the century.

Image 2


Source: SIPRI

Gloomy Future Outlook

  • Although the United States and Russia have taken some steps on Nuclear Disarmament, they are investing heavily on upgradation of existing nuclear capabilities
  • India, China & Pakistan continue to build their nuclear arsenals & are headed for a nuclear arms race in Asia – similar to the Cold War. History does indeed repeat itself.

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